Game Preview: #16 Notre Dame @ Purdue

Eight years to the day from my first Purdue – Notre Dame matchup I will attend my fifth. From what I have seen this year, this game will not be close. Notre Dame comes in ranked #16 in the country, and Purdue is struggling at 3-4. Notre Dame has a nice balance of players that keep the opponents on their toes. They go after the ball and force the opponents into mistakes. Purdue misses Katie Gearlds and Erin Lawless who graduated. They are also without Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton and Jodie Howell who will both miss the season because of injury. Four of five starters from last year are not playing. The fifth, sophomore point guard FaKara Malone, has missed parts of the last three games because of a head injury. She will be important to the Boilers success tomorrow. Looking at both teams you would say that Notre Dame would win in a blowout. The x-factor in all of this is my presence at the game. Of the first four games that I have been to, the favored team has lost three of them. The last two years are great examples of this. In 2005 the Irish were ranked #10 and the Boilers were ranked #24. Purdue shut down Megan Duffy, and took the game. Last year Notre Dame was struggling, and Purdue came in ranked #10. The Irish used pressure and hustle to erase a huge second half deficit to beat the Boilers. I am looking forward to this game, and everything that it means. I will watch Notre Dame play Purdue in any sport that they play. They are my two teams even though I am supposed to just like one and hate the other. My prediction for the game is Notre Dame 75 – Purdue 52. I only think it will be that close because Notre Dame will pull their starters. Notre Dame has never won in Mackey Arena. That will change tomorrow.


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