This Could Be A Long Year

Today because of the ice storm I saw my first Purdue women’s game. They are without three big offensive weapons right now. FaKarah Malone was out today with lingering effects from a concussion. Jodie Howell and Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton are out for the season. The Boiler team that I saw today looked very sloppy. The passes were not crisp, and were very easy to pick off. Purdue needs some confidence to help them out. One bright spot is Danielle Campbell. She had a double-double today, and also blocked four shots. They need to find a way to get her the ball inside more. Kiki Freeman is also a threat for the Boilers. Purdue won 51-41, but trailed by four at the half. They only scored 15 points in that half. Luckily we played enough D to hold them to 19. My next game will be next Saturday when the Boilers welcome the Irish to West Lafayette. More on that later though.

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