Big Mac’s For All!

I went to my first Notre Dame Women’s game of the year today. The last two years my tickets have been in the bleachers, but this year I am at center court very low. I really enjoyed my seats. I get a good view of both benches as well as the floor. The above picture is of the tip-off from my seats. The Irish played a great game today. They had a 14 point lead at halftime, but stretched it to 30 by the end of the game. What really made the game though is a new promotion this year. If the Irish score 88 points everyone in the crowd gets a free Big Mac. Towards the end of the game Notre Dame was close, but could not get some easy buckets to fall. They were within two with ten seconds left when freshman Brittany Mallory stole the ball and took off towards the Irish hoop. The crowd went absolutely wild cheering her on. When she made the basket it sounded like the Irish had just won the National Championship. What a great promotion that gets the crowed into the game. The #23 ranked Irish took the game 88-58 with the help of 33 turnovers by Boston College. Notre Dame really pressured the Eagles making it hard to just get the ball up the court. The Irish didn’t look perfect today, but they looked very good. This will be a fun team to watch the rest of the year. Five players finished the game in double figures. They look deep, and ready to make some noise this year.


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