BCS Top 15

Here is how the top 15 of the BCS fared this weekend.

1. LSU – Lost to Arkansas
2. Kansas – Lost to Missouri
3. West Virginia – Won against UConn
4. Missouri – Won against Kansas
5. Ohio State – Idle
6. Arizona State – Lost to USC
7. Georgia – Won at Georgia Tech
8. Virginia Tech – Won at Virginia
9. Oregon – Lost UCLA
10. Oklahoma – Won against Oklahoma State
11. USC – Won at Arizona State
12. Florida – Won against Florida State
13. Texas – Lost to Texas A&M
14. Boston College – Won against Miami
15. Hawaii – Won against Boise State

Four top ten teams, and five out of the top 15 lost this weekend. USC beating Arizona State and Oregon losing puts USC in the drivers seat in the PAC 10. It also may spell the end for Purdue in the Las Vegas bowl. The Big 12 took step one of deciding its champion as well. Oklahoma will face Missouri in the Big 12 championship game next weekend. That QB for the Tigers looked awesome tonight. The game next week should be very exciting. Tennessee won in overtime to earn the right to play LSU in the SEC championship game leaving Georgia on the outside looking in. West Virginia beat UConn at home to claim the Big East title, and give them a great shot at the national title. Hawaii needs to win next week, and they will probably get an at large berth in the BCS. The win over Boise State was the biggest hurdle that they needed to face. Ohio State is sitting idle for the next couple of weeks rooting for some more upsets. They will need Oklahoma to win in the Big 12 championship game to have a shot at the title for the second year in a row.


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