Democracy Takes a Hit

Yesterday I made my post about heading to the Notre Dame game, grabbed my gear and went out to the car. It was then that I realized that it was raining and almost 30 degrees. I may be a sports junkie, but I am not stupid. I came back in the house and watched the game on TV. Democracy may have failed here, but acting as the Supreme Court I made my own determination of the rules. Notre Dame did get their second win of the season against Duke. A good day for the seniors as they played in the stadium for the final time. In other action Purdue was beaten on a kick in the final minute to lose the Oaken Bucket. As far as my three teams go this has to be the worst season I can remember. The Slicers spent the season on the brink, and lost a bunch of very close games. Purdue could not close the deal on the season, and Notre Dame never really started the season. I don’t know if next year looks any better. I may have to find a new sport. With the way the Sox played this year Lacrosse may be the only option left.


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