Time to Jump Ship?

Purdue is backing its way into the bowl season. After two great wins against Iowa and Northwestern they have laid eggs the last two weeks. Yesterday’s game was a bad one to watch.Purdue was running a very soft defense that the Spartans just shredded. They were nowhere near the Michigan State receivers all day. It is frustrating to watch. I don’t have any of the final stats, but Terrell Vinson had to be the leading tackler for the Boilers. What does that say about your defense when one of your cornerbacks is making that many tackles? I feel bad that the seniors had to have a game like this one be their final send off to Ross-Aide Stadium. It seemed as if the Boilers could answer every score that Michigan State threw at them, but then they just quit running an offense. Painter did not have the time that he needed, but then he would check down to the man on the line of scrimmage. The couple of times that we tried the deep ball it was there. One was dropped, and the other time the receiver was interfered with. Throw the ball downfield. A game like this makes it hard to want to go on a road trip to a hostile environment to watch this team play. This may have been my last Boiler game of the season.

On a side note: Grand Valley State was granted a #2 seed for the playoffs and have a first round bye next weekend. So therefore a vote for them will be a wasted vote. If you want, just change your vote for another game.

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