History repeats itself…

…44 years later. This morning I was just sitting down watching Dorien Bryant return the opening kickoff for the Boilers when the phone rang. One of my friends had an extra ticket for the Notre Dame – Navy game. I could not turn down a ticket to see Notre Dame play so I hurried over to South Bend to the ND campus. The campus was beautiful with all of the leaves in their autumn colors. The campus is always fun to tour, but even more so this time of year. The game started off great for Notre Dame. We drove right down the field and scored easily to start the game. We then recovered a fumble and drove again. The drive stalled though, and Charlie decided to go for it instead of kicking a field goal. From that point on the game stayed close. It took some great plays by Notre Dame to force the game into overtime. This was the longest game that I have ever been to. Navy won the game in the third overtime to snap a 43 game losing streak. One great thing on the day was seeing a former Slicer on the field. Scott Reider is the long snapper on the punting unit for the Midshipmen. He is in the picture above (#41) just behind the American flag. Once again I have seen history at the stadium, and as usual it is not good history.

One thought on “History repeats itself…

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