Game Preview: Purdue Boilermakers (5-2) v. Iowa Hawkeyes (3-4)

Here we go again. I have been to the last three meetings between these two schools, and have been on the losing end every time. The first of those three was in 2004. I was living in Iowa and made the trip to Iowa City to see the Boilers play. It was a beautiful day, but the Boilers just could not get things going. They were within reach most of the day, but never could get the offense going enough to take the game. Kirsch played in place of the injured Orton, and played like he usually played. The next year in Ross-Aide stadium the Boilers were within range yet again, but a key Kirsch interception in the end zone sealed their fate. Last year I was not going to go to the game, but I was given two free tickets to go. The Boilers were never in the game, and made it a long ride home. The only game in the series that I have seen the Boilers win was on Halloween in 1998. My friends and I put a fake mole on our faces in order to look more like Drew Brees. We watched him throw for 4 touchdowns that day. Two of those were to Tim Stratton as the Boilers rolled 36-14. Let’s get some of that back on Saturday. I have no idea who to pick in this one. Will the Boilers be ready to play? Who will be at running back for Purdue? Was the Illinois game a fluke, or the real Hawkeye team? I am just going to guess and say that Purdue will win 24-17. There are just too many questions on both sides for me to make a good prediction.


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