Notre Dame at #25 Purdue Preview: Day Five

Game Preview:

I chose the picture above because it represents how I feel about the game. Notre Dame will need the hand of God to win this game. As of today they are 22 point underdogs, and have only scored 2 offensive touchdowns in four games. One of those was after a fumble by the other team inside the 10. Purdue on the other hand is 4-0 and the offense looks stellar. The one downside for the Boilers is how the defense has played in the second half the last couple of weeks. They look great in the first half when the game was on the line. The second half is another story though. Many Boiler fans think that this is a great opportunity to crush the Irish. I hope that they are wrong, and that the Irish will win. I think that they need the win badly, and I have rooted for Notre Dame since I was a kid. That being said the odds are against them. Purdue also needs the win so that they can have the dream matchup against Ohio State next weekend. If Notre Dame can hang close in the first half I think that they can come close in this game. That being said I think Purdue will win big. 49-13 would be a smart guess although if Tiller wants to he can make the score worse.


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