Notre Dame at #25 Purdue Preview: Day One

A Look at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Notre Dame has struggled this year to say the least. They enter the game with an 0-4 record. If they cannot address certain issues 0-8 would be very easy to see. The way that the offensive line has been playing I think Clausen would love to wear the red jersey the rest of the year. Notre Dame does not look like the team that I grew up watching. That Notre Dame team would bully the opponents into submission. The Irish are the ones getting bullied now. I don’t know who is to blame for this. Is it Ty for his lack of recruiting? Is it Charlie for his coaching? No matter who is to blame this is getting bad. This week against Michigan State the Irish scored two offensive touchdowns (the first two of the year). That is not what we expected from the offensive genius of Weis. Although the offense has not had a chance the way the line has played. The defense is another thing altogether. I don’t think that they are that bad of a unit, but they are on the field so much because of the offensive woes that they are gassed by the second half. This team needs to get better up front if they want to compete in this game. Here is a look at the games that the Irish have played so far this year:

September 1, 2007: Georgia Tech 33 – Notre Dame 3
September 8, 2007: Penn State 31 – Notre Dame 10
September 15, 2007: Michigan 38 – Notre Dame 0
September 22, 2007: Michigan State 31 – Notre Dame 14

In all four games the other team has put up 30+ points on the Irish. They have given up 133 points while only scoring 27. I think the Purdue offense will try and add to this lopsided affair of a season. I feel sorry for the fifth year seniors that came back to the team. They will be part of history, just not in the way that they thought they would.

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