LaPorte Slicers 21 – Valparaiso Vikings 17

Will the real Slicer offense please raise their hand? Oh there you are. The Slicers looked very good at times tonight running the ball down the throats of the Vikings. They also stalled for a couple of quarters before coming through in the end to seal the win against Valpo. Both Bryce Holland and Carlton Austin had good days against the Valpo defense. Holland had what I would guess to be a career day. He broke some big runs tonight, and refused to be brought down. Not to be outdone Austin had some tackle breaking runs as well. The defense played well when it had too, but let the draw and shovel pass to the fullback get them. They still held a quality DAC opponent in the end to bring LaPorte to 2-1 on the season, and 1-0 in the DAC. This game was far from the shootout that I expected, but I will take the W. Sarkisian looked good for Valpo, but his receivers did not help him out. They dropped a lot of passes some of which were sure scores. LaPorte will travel to Chesterton (3-0) next week.


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