Game Preview: #8 LaPorte Slicers @ Mishawaka Cavemen

I am going to the Sox game tomorrow night so I will have to get my prediction in early this week. On Friday night the Slicers travel to Mishawaka to face the Cavemen. Last fall the Slicers faced Mishawaka in the first round of sectionals. With the history of our program I was worried about the outcome. We came out swinging, and by halftime the game was out of reach. We were up 35-0, and had not given up a first down. We ended up winning the game 51-21. One bad note on the game was the Cavemen defensive player who had to be drug off of the field after trying to hit a coach. That is the class that I remember from my playing days. I don’t think we will have it this easy on Friday night. We are rebuilding, and have a sophomore quarterback playing his first road game. I do think that we will win on the back of Carlton Austin though. DeMuth will have to make the most of his chances to keep Mishawaka honest.

My Prediction: LaPorte 24 – Mishawaka 17

This Year: 1-0


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