Silverhawks 5 – Lumberkings 3

After the Notre Dame game I saw that traffic was terrible getting to the toll road so I decided to take highway 2 home. I saw that the Silverhawks were getting ready to start so I stopped to watch the game. The recent rainouts and coldouts have taken their toll, so I guess I made up for it by attending three sporting events in one day. After seeing two straight record crowds the few that came to ‘the Cove’ last night was disappointing. Just over 1,000 people were listed as being at the game, and I think that number must have included the grounds crew and the other employees. Those that were there saw a good game. The Silverhawks took an early lead, and when Clinton tied it up they immediately went back ahead. In the seventh the Lumberkings scored two runs to take the lead, but after the stretch South Bend scored three to take the lead for good. This was my 25th visit to Coveleski Stadium, and probably will not be the last visit this year. The weather was beautiful for a ball game, but the stands were still empty. I can only imagine that this will be the downfall of the team. They can only have empty stands for so many years before someone does move the team.


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