Gold 10 – Blue 6

Lou Holtz won his first game back as Notre Dame’s head coach. This was a one game deal? Oh, well he won just the same. On a day when the focus was on the four Notre Dame quarterbacks a running back stole the show. Junior Jabbie is listed as the fourth running back on the depth chart, but looked like the number one back yesterday. He is pictured to the left breaking one of his big runs on the day. He was fast when he needed to be, and shifty when he needed to be as well. Of the four quarterbacks Sharpley looked the best, and he has not been practicing that much because of his commitment to baseball. Clausen has time to improve, but I would guess based on this one game he would be about third on the depth chart. Notre Dame won the game, and Holtz got a Gatorade bath for his troubles. 51,872 fans attended the game. This was over 10,000 more than last year, and expectations are not nearly as high this year. I got to the spring game over two hours early, and got one of the last spots in the lot across the street from Angela. From what I understand they were parking people in the general parking lots that are used for regular football games on the other side of campus. It just blows my mind how many people come to see the practice game. Many are probably like me that think that this may be the only time that I will be in the stadium this year. Notre Dame plays Purdue in Ross-Aide this year so I will probably not get into the Stadium for a regular game this year.


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