What a Game!

I always try and make it to any major college sporting event involving Purdue and Notre Dame. Today I was glad that I made the time to get over to South Bend to see the Boilers take on the Irish. Both starting pitchers had great games. Elam for the Irish went 7 2/3 innings of no-hit ball. He walked a few, and needed a great play by Brett Lilley to keep a run from scoring, but pitched a great game. The lone hit against him was a weak single hit straight up the middle. Bischoff for the Boilermakers pitched a great game as well. He gave up a hit to the first batter in the ninth. The hit was similar to the one that broke up Elam’s no-hit bid. That little bloop hit took away his shot at a perfect game. At the begining of the week I had a feeling that I might see a no-hitter. I figured it would be Vazquez against the Rangers, but I had two shots foiled with less than four outs tonight. The Irish are now two games over .500, and the loss puts the Boilers at the same mark. This was my first Boiler game of the year. I was supposed to see the doubleheader against Indiana after my race on Saturday, but the weather once again stepped in to foil my plans. Notre Dame won the game in the tenth when Weglarz doubled, advanced to third on a wild pitch, and then scored on a Dressman single. All of this was with two outs, and the frozen crowd praying for a miracle.

Edit: Something is wrong with blogger tonight, and my picture will not upload. If I have time I will fix that tomorrow.

Another Edit: Unless the Sox pitch back to back no-hitters, I will not see one tomorrow. Mark Buehrle just pitched a no-no for the Sox. All week long I have been talking about seeing a no-hitter with my dad. I guess we were one game too late in seeing one


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