Indiana 67 – Iowa 53

What was supposed to be the best matchup of the day turned into a rout as the Hoosiers used an early run to take care of the Hawkeyes. Indiana went on a 9-0 run to start the game, and kept the pressure on throughout. They only have nine players listed on their roster, but they seemed to get stronger as the game went on. Kim Roberson led all scorers with 21. She scored seven points in under a minute in the first half. Everyone around me kept talking about how lucky she was with that bad shot of hers. As the game went on they found out that what they were seeing is a good player with an unorthodox shot. Sarah McKay scored 19 points, and seemed to score at will in the paint. Tomorrow she will be going up against Jessica Davenport so we will see how she fares. Iowa just never seemed to be in sync the entire game. They got beat the entire game by a team that just seemed to want it more. They will kick off the evening session tomorrow against the #1 seed Ohio State.


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