#15 Purdue 58 – Illinois 48

Today the Boilermakers went into Champaign and finished out the regular season with a win. Just before the half it looked as if the score would be tied at 20 going into the intermission. Katie Gearlds hit a three pointer to give the Boilers the lead, and some momentum going into the half. They came out firing, stretching the lead to as many as 20 before an Illini run would cut the lead to ten. Once again the top scorer for Purdue was Katie. She scored 21, and is the heart of the team. She is a big reason that the team is 25-5 on the season, and 14-2 in the conference. They finished second in the conference, and will get a first round bye in the Big Ten Tournament. They will play the winner of the Wisconsin/Michigan game. If they can at least get to the title game in the tournament they will probably be a #3 seed in the NCAA Tournament.
I was able to attend the game as a guest of the Boilermaker Network. Every year they go on four or five road trips to Purdue Women’s games. This was their last trip of the year, and they have a good time going. These people have been going for so long that it is one big family. The players and coaches really like the support the group gives them as well. After the game coach Martin Clapp and Kiki Freeman (one of the players) boarded our bus to tell us thanks. The people were great, and it was nice not having to drive somewhere. I will go on at least one of these next year. The Network does not have a website so they are hard to pin down, but they have a table at every home women’s game.


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