Different Day, Same Result

Tonight at Mackey Arena the Boilermaker Men’s Team lost to the #4 team in the country, the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes shot the lights out all night long. At one point in the second half they were increasing their field goal percentage. It was up to 53% at one time, and most likely ended up around 50%. The Boilers were only down three at the half though, and had their chances in the second half to take the lead. In the end though the Buckeyes were too much to handle, and pulled out to a large lead in the last couple minutes with Purdue trying desperate threes. Greg Oden did not look as good as advertised. I thought I would see a much better player than the one that I saw. Carl Landry seemed to handle him easily, and even our stick figure center got the best of him in the one matchup they had. Matta did not want Oden and Uchendu to matchup for some reason. Watching Landry go after him like a pro throughout the night was fun to see. Oden did not seem up to the challenge. Even in warmups Oden looked as if he was loafing. He will have to step up his game quite a bit if he is going to make it in the pros. Maybe that is what he is waiting for though. Tonight was the first loss of the season at Mackey for the Boilers. The women lost their first game at home Monday to the same team. The next home game for Purdue is next Wednesday against an always tough Michigan State team.

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