Purdue 64 – Illinois 47

David Teague was too much for the Illini to handle today as the Boilers put a whipping on the Illini. The game was one sided for much of the first half as Teague and Carl Landry had their way with the Illinois team. At one point the score was 27-4. The Illini fought back when Landry was on the bench with foul trouble, but never got to within 10. When they needed him though Teague stepped up. He hit two threes with the shot clock at zero and defenders in his face at key times in the second half. When nobody else wanted the ball, Teague did. He was a force today. David finished the game with a career best 28 points and 9 rebounds. 18 of those points were in the second half. Landry was good when he was in the game, but two fouls in about eight seconds in the first half put him on the bench for most of the game. He still ended up with 17 points. Mackey was packed today, and the atmosphere was great. It would be nice to be at a couple of games like this every year. With both the Men’s and Women’s Ohio State teams coming to town this week there is a good chance to see another one soon.

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