Samardzija Spurns Football

Today it was announce that Jeff Samardzija has chosen not to play football, and will concentrate on playing in the Cubs organization. It had to be a tough decision for a player that was projected to be a first round NFL selection. The fact that the Cubs signed him to a 5 year 10 million dollar contract probably did not hurt his decision. He wants to play for the Cubs when/if he makes it to the major leagues. To try and ensure that he agreed that he would return his signing bonus if he leaves the team for any reason in order to get a no trade clause. This is unheard for a player in low A ball. I am happy to see Samardzija with a chance to make it to the big leagues, but I wish it was with any other team than the Cubs. I was able to go to Lansing last year to see him pitch while he was making one of his two Midwest League starts. This year it looks as if he will start the season with Peoria again. Hopefully he will make a couple of starts in South Bend.


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