#13 Purdue 73 – Indiana 51

The Boilers beat the Hoosiers. No matter what sport it is in it sounds good. It sounds even better when it is Women’s Basketball. Last year the Hoosiers came into Mackey on senior day and stole away a win in overtime. This year the Boilers overcame tough defense, and even tougher calls by the officials to win the game easily. I don’t usually comment on the officials, but they were terrible today. They missed a lot of calls, then would call some knicknack foul a couple of seconds later. They were not very consistent, and that is what you look for. On the positive side, Katie Gearlds scored another ho-hum 20 points for the Boilers. She is the offense, and is fun to watch. FahKara Malone added 15 points, and some impressive steals to help the cause. Sharon Versyp won her first meeting with her former team running away. You could see during the game that she was having trouble with her emotions, and that was made even worse when her former players snubbed her after the game. Real class by the Hoosiers as usual. This team seems to be improving with each game. My next game at Mackey will most likely be against Ohio State at the end of the month.


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