A Time to Mourn

Last night instead of getting the sleep that a normal human being would get I went to the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan to view the casket of the former President. After waiting in line for about six hours I finally got to view the casket for about ten seconds. The line seemed to be moving fast when we got there so we ignored the people in charge that told us it would be about eight hours. What they did not tell us was that we would get a walking tour of Grand Rapids before going into the Devos Center to walk in formed lines for three hours. It was worth the trouble to be a part of history. When will I ever get the chance again to view a President lying in state? Probably never. The shear amount of people that I came into contact with last night was amazing. I arrived in Grand rapids at around 10 o’clock at night, and left a little after 2. There were as many people there when I left as when I arrived. President Ford was laid to rest today next to his museum, and the long days for his family are finally at an end. You have to feel for them for what they have gone through for the last week. Grieving with cameras in their faces. Hopefully they can enjoy some peace now.


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