President Ford Dies

The President who was in office when I was born has died. Gerald Ford died last night at the age of 93. I have a somewhat fascination with the Presidency, and his was an interesting story. He was the only President that was never elected as a President or a Vice-President. He was chosen by Nixon after Agnew resigned, and then ascended to the top position when Nixon resigned. Thanks to skits on shows like Saturday Night Live, he was remembered more as a bumbling fool than for what he really was. He was anything but that, but a couple of falls in front of cameras sealed his fate. He was part of the Warren Commission that investigated President Kennedy’s death. He was also a great athlete that turned down offers from NFL teams (Packers included) to attend school at Yale. I visited his Presidential Museum last summer, and will probably go back to visit once he is buried. He was a very modest man that refused to have ‘Hail to the Chief’ played when he entered a room after he left office. He will be missed. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow I will be at the Library of the man who took his place in the White House.


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