The Bucket Stays Home!!

Purdue finished off the 2006 Big Ten season today with a 28-19 win over the Indiana Hoosiers today in Ross-Ade Stadium. This was a wild game that was still in doubt until the final two minutes. Both teams had trouble stopping each other. The only reason the score was as low as it was was that the teams easily stopped themselves. At one point in the game there were five turnovers in a seven play span. Purdue got the ball on a Hoosier turnover only to have Jaycen Taylor fumble at the end of a 31 yard run. Tracey Porter picked up the fumble and ran 57 yards before Jake Standeford knocked the ball out of his hands from behind and out of the back of the endzone for a touchback. That’s right. Two turnovers on one play. You won’t see high quality play like that at the Ohio State – Michigan game. Standeford’s forced fumble was a great hustle play that reminded me of Don Beebe running down Leon Lett in the Super Bowl. His hustle saved a Hoosier touchdown. Purdue won the turnover contest 5 to 4, and still somehow won the game. Of the five Purdue turnovers, Painter was responsible for four of them all interceptions. In the end though, we retain the bucket, and take our 8-4 record to Hawaii. Indiana goes home. All is well in West Lafayette.


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