This Way to Carmel!!!

Game Preview: #15 Laporte Slicers (10-3) @ #3 Carmel Greyhounds (11-2)

This year the Indiana Semi-State includes the LaPorte Slicers. Yes it is true. We are one of the final four teams in the state. Our reward for beating the #5 and #4 teams in the state in consecutive weeks is to play the #3 team in the state. The Carmel Greyhounds stand in the way of the Slicers and a trip to the Dome. It is hard to say what will happen this week because I have no knowledge at all about Carmel except a few opinions posted by fans of the team. One of the numbers that I have seen that worries me is that Carmel only gave up 9.3 points a game in the regular season, and they have taken that down to 0.75 points a game in the playoffs. They will have to find a way around a big Carmel line if they want any chance. I can bet that they will see a heavy dose of Shark, with enough passing to keep them honest. Last week we only completed one pass, but it was for a 72 yard touchdown. I will be making the trip to Carmel to keep this ride going. This team probably has the most heart and guts of any that I have seen so I will be sorry to see the season end. Either way though there is only two weeks left in the high school football season. Unfortunately I do not think the Slicers will be playing on Thanksgiving weekend. Although I have thought the season would be over the last two weeks as well. My predictions have been off lately so maybe this one will help the Slicers out. Go Slicers!

My prediction: Carmel 31 – LaPorte 10

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