Game Preview: Purdue Boilermakers 5-3 (2-2) v. the Penn State Nittany Lions 5-3 (3-2)

This year the Boilers have had a rough time with opponents that are favored to beat them. Notre Dame, Iowa, and Wisconsin all beat them handily. This week Purdue must keep up the same effort on defense and hope that the offense can click. Last week it looked like the quarterback and the receivers were having communication problems. The Boilers ran the same out route three times in a row to two different receivers with the ball falling incomplete all three times. If the offense can play like we saw them against Notre Dame and Northwestern this game is Purdue’s to lose. Saying that I think this will be a close game. Penn State is a good team that has lost to Michigan, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. All of those teams are in the top ten. With the quarterback situation up in the air for Penn State, and the home field advantage I think Purdue will squeak by with the win.


My Prediction: Purdue 31 – Penn State 28

Flashback: The only two previous times that I have seen Penn State play they were ranked #2 in the country. The first time was in 1994 at Indiana. The Nittany Lions came in and barely beat the Hoosiers 35 – 29. The close game against the hapless Hoosiers cost them a shot at the National Title at the end of the year. The second time that I saw them was in West Lafayette during the 1999 season. Purdue was ranked 16th playing the 2nd ranked team in the nation, and lost 31 – 25. 21 of Penn State’s points came courtesy of three Purdue turnovers. Lavar Arrington sacked Brees, and his fumble was returned for one of Penn State’s scores. Purdue had 4 shots at the end zone in the final minute, but all of the Brees passes fell incomplete.



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