#21 Wisconsin 24 – Purdue 3

The Boilers lost their 11th straight game against a ranked opponent yesterday. They were given chances to win throughout the game, but could not capitalize on them. The Boilers charged out of the gate in all black uniforms to an excited crowd, but their play took the crowd down a notch by the second quarter. P.J. Hill ran for 161 yards and 2 touchdowns for Wisconsin. The Boiler defense did a decent job of slowing down the Badgers offense, but could not get any support from their own offense. The Boilers got inside the 30 on numerous occasions, and could not capitalize. Watching the game from the stands it seemed like Painter and his receivers were not on the same page. A lot of routes were not run to completion, or in the wrong place. The Boilers will need to work on this before Penn State comes to town next week. This was a very hard game to watch from the stands. Purdue could not take advantage of the chances they were given, and the Wisconsin fans showed their true form again this time.


One thought on “#21 Wisconsin 24 – Purdue 3

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