Purdue 31 – Northwestern 10

Northwestern scored the first seven points, but the game was all Purdue after that. Curtis Painter threw 49 times completing 35 of them for 431 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also rushed for a touchdown. Greg Orton caught 13 passes for 144 yards. Most of those catches came on the last drive of the 1st half. Painter and Orton ran the sideline drill to perfection to get a field goal to go into the locker room up 17 – 10.
The defense looked much improved today. Anthony Spencer was in the Wildcat backfield all afternoon. The lowlight of the day for Northwestern would have to be the back to back delay of game penalties that changed a 42 yard field goal attempt into a punt. Most of the Wildcat faithful felt like this was a good time to go home. We looked physical, and stopped the Wildcats for the most part except for two big plays. The question is did our defense improve that much, or is Northwestern’s offense that bad? We will find out next week when Wisconsin who is ranked #25 in this weeks poll comes to town. My prediction was off a bit. I thought it would be an offensive slugfest. The very first game before the game was actually closer than my prediction. The best part of the game was as I was leaving the staff was handing out Schick razors. After a tough loss you do not expect to hear the phrase ‘free razors’ as you are leaving. I thought they were just helping the die hard fans out.


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