Game Preview: Purdue 4-2 (1-1) @ Northwestern 2-4 (0-2)

Purdue could get healthy real quick at Northwestern this week. A week after the worst loss during the Joe Tiller era they travel to Evanston. Northwestern has struggled so far this year, and has shown no signs of that changing. Their two wins have come against Miami (OH) and Eastern Michigan. They have dropped contests against New Hampshire (1AA), Nevada, Penn State, and last week against Wisconsin.

The biggest news to come out of the Purdue camp this week was the freak injury to Selwyn Lymon. He injured his eye Monday when a plastic pellet from a gun struck him while playing with teammates. The injury is not as bad as it was first believed, but he is still questionable for Saturday. Purdue is a seven point favorite. I think that they have the talent to win by much more. This is a young team though, and I think the score will be close. Purdue has played two straight oppenents in the top 20. Let’s see how they do against a team that is worse than them.


My prediction: Purdue 38 – Northwestern 30

The last few weeks I have given my top games in the matchup. This week here is the top games I have been to involving Northwestern:

5. 10/22/1994 Northwestern wins at Indiana 20-7. I do not remember a lot about the game so it gets placed last. My girlfriend from back home came down to see the game, making it memorable for that reason only. Let’s face it, it was an Indiana/Northwestern game.
4. 11/15/2005 Purdue’s homecoming game is ruined by Northwestern 34-29. Dorien Bryant returned the opening kickoff of the second half 95 yards, and Purdue came back to take the lead late in the fourth quarter. Northwestern then drove right down the field for the game winning score. Purdue had 505 yards of total offense, and Northwestern racked up 603.
3. 9/25/1999 Purdue wins at home 31-23. Brees throws a 99 yard touchdown pass to Vinny Sutherland, and sets the Big Ten mark for touchdown passes in the process. The famous ‘Fay is gay’ chant is born.
2. 11/18/1995 My first game ever at Ross-Aide stadium. Yet another game in the ‘dream season’ of Northwestern. The ‘Cats win the game 23-8, and in doing so clinch the Big Ten Title.
1. 9/2/1995 The Wildcats come into Notre Dame 28 point underdogs, and get the win 17-15. This was the begining of the ‘dream season.’


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