Game Preview: Purdue at #19 Iowa

Last night I got a call asking me if I wanted two free tickets to the Purdue – Iowa game in Iowa City on Saturday. Of course I took them, and therefore will be able to see the Boilers play for the sixth straight week. I was at the game in Iowa City in 2004 when the Hawkeyes beat the Boilers 23-21. Kyle Orton was hurt that game, and so Kirsch got the start for the Boilers. Turnovers spelled doom for the Boilermakers on that Saturday. One bright spot for Purdue was Taylor Stubblefield catching 15 passes for 153 yards. The stadium is beautiful, and has been completely renovated since my visit two years ago. Should be very interesting to see how much it has changed. They have added two video boards as well as a full time scoreboard. Lots of luxery boxes were added along with completely renovating the exterior of the stadium. Last time I loved the stadium because it was like stepping into a time machine. This visit should be different.

Last year at Ross-Aide Purdue was driving for the go ahead score when Brandon Kirsch threw an interception in the end zone. Instead of points for the Boilers, Iowa drove down the field and scored. A close game until the fourth quarter. If the defense can play like they did last week in the second half, and the offense can keep producing Purdue could pull off the upset. As I did last week, here is a breakdown of my top Purdue – Iowa games:

3. 10/8/2005 Iowa 35 – Purdue 17 – Purdue has chances at home, but cannot pull off the upset. Tate throws for 357 yards for Iowa. Kirsch throws key pick that changes game momentum.
2. 10/31/1998 Purdue 36 – Iowa 14 – Brees throws for 362 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also sets the school mark for touchdowns in a season.
1. 11/6/2004 Iowa 23 – Purdue 21 – My first trip to Kinnick. Purdue came close, but could not beat the Hawkeyes thanks to turnovers. This seems to be a trend in these games. Orton was hurt, and played little. Kirsch had control most of the game, but could not lead the Boilers to victory.


My prediction: Purdue 38 – Iowa 35


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