Ryan Kerrigan is now a Washington Redskin

Ryan Kerrigan pestering Denard Robinson

During his time at Purdue Ryan was very fun to watch. He left with a lot of records, but he really seemed to do it the right way as well. How he flew under the radar during the recruiting process is a great reason why I don’t follow recruiting. One of the best defensive ends ever at Purdue was not really highly thought of as a recruit. He was highly thought of when he left though as he was drafted 16th overall by the Washington Redskins tonight. It will be fun to watch him represent Purdue well in the NFL. Continue reading

Purdue Spring Game Photo Gallery

I wasn’t at the spring game very long today. The Boiler baseball team was playing a great game at Lambert, and the football game is not my type of event. I don’t like All Star, All Pro, or other games that have no meaning. I walked into the stadium just in time to witness the Carson Wiggs show right before the half. He was nailing field goal after field goal culminating with a 67 yarder that sent the fans into a frenzy. The rest of the time that I was in Ross Ade today was spent watching the former players interact with the crowd. Mike Alstott was really bombarded with autograph and picture requests, but he signed everyone. He even looked happy to do it. Some great Boilers from the past were back today, but I must have missed Bob Greise who was supposed to be there. Here are some of the pictures from my time at the game today, and I think I even have one of game action thrown in. Continue reading

Purdue vs. IPFW Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the game Tuesday night finally

Bobby 'Buckets' Riddell getting some love prior to the game

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College Football Bowl Season Game Notes

During the football season I had a post called game notes every week for whatever game I was attending. Since Purdue is not in a bowl this year I will put out the game notes for games that I won’t be attending. I wanted to post this to finalize my picks for the regular season. I have a sheet of paper with my picks that has just been sitting around for almost a month. It is time to get rid of that paper. I won’t dwell too much on the season in this post. I plan to look back on the Purdue season when the sting from the loss to Indiana wears off. For now let’s just see how I did with my picks this season. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 2

Although the second half did not turn out as I would have hoped here are the pictures from the final two plus quarters of Saturday’s game.

A Ben Chappell fumble lays on the ground. Albert Evans recovered the ball, but the play was overturned

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Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 1

Since it was the last game in a Purdue uniform for some of the seniors I decided to make this photo gallery a little bit bigger. Today is part one with pictures from the first half of the Saturday’s contest. Tomorrow I will post the second half photo gallery.

Seniors Ryan Kerrigan, Dan Dierking, Jason Werner, and Kyle Adams at the pre game coin toss

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Ryan Kerrigan is a Beast


Ryan Kerrigan setting the Purdue record for forced fumbles by sacking Denard Robinson

You probably already knew that though. Today he erased all doubts with his performance against Michigan. He had ten tackles on the day, five of which were for a loss. He also had four sacks, two forced fumbles, and a fumble recovered. It was not the result that the Boilers wanted, but Ryan had a great game. He really is fun to watch. The loss today means that more than likely I will have one more time seeing Ryan play college football. Something tells me though that he will be playing in the pros for a long time to come. On the season Ryan has 23.5 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks, and five forced fumbles on the season. Those are video game stats. That shouldn’t happen in real life. Kerrigan is the finalist for the Lott trophy and the Bednarik award. Somehow though Ryan was left off the final list of candidates for the Lombardi Award. Do these guys watch football? The Lombardi is for the best linemen in the country. They might want to re-think their criteria for the award. Continue reading

Game Notes: Purdue vs. Michigan

The player that must have haunted Rich Rodriguez for two years

So this is it. The Boilers have three games left with two wins needed to become bowl eligible. They go to Michigan State next weekend so I think that they will have to take care of Michigan this week along with beating the Hoosiers to get their two wins. There is also the chance that they finish out 0-3. I think that the events of this weekend will go a long way in determining how the rest of the season goes.  Continue reading

College Football Wrap (Week 10 Edition)

Once again a busy week has prevented me from putting together the wrap that I had started. This is more to get my picks from last week out of the way so that this week’s preview can be a little shorter. Purdue pulled off the upset of Wisconsin if you only count first half scores, or scores not associated with turnovers. Of course both of those count so the Boilers still need two wins to become bowl eligible. Last week I talked about how this week’s picks would bring me to 100 on the season. I went 7-3 for the week to bring me to 82-18. I can even do that math being an OLS major. Each week I feel that I have been doing okay, but I would like to be a bit higher than 82%. That being said I have not been slacking when it comes to picking the games outside of the Big Ten Conference. Two of my losses last week were in tough SEC games. I guess I have to do a bit more homework before I do my picks. Of course a little luck would not hurt. Here is how I did last week (as usual the actual score is in parenthesis): Continue reading