The One In Which I Finally Attend a Game

The tip of my first sporting event of 2012

This site is titled Confessions of a Sports Junkie. I really haven’t been feeling much like a sports junkie lately though. My last sporting event was in early December making it a nearly month and a half dry spell for me. Last night I received a text that asked if I wanted to see Purdue play Michigan tonight. I jumped at the chance. I have seen Michigan and Purdue play every year since moving back from Iowa. Purdue played a very good game against the #22 team in the country, but fell short 66-64. After a slow start to both halves Purdue had the game seemingly in control before letting it slip away. This would have been a nice win for Purdue, but the shots just didn’t fall at the end when they needed them to. Here are some photos from the game:

Tim Hardaway Jr. drives on Terone Johnson

Travis Carroll blocks the shot of Zach Novak

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Thank You Ryne Smith!

Ryne Smith nailing one of his eight threes tonight

Thanks to a fellow Knucklehead I attended the second game of the season tonight for the Boilers. With my Packers on Monday Night Football I thought that I would watch the game until it got ugly, and then head home to watch the Pack. Little did I know that the game would start ugly and never really get better. Purdue just really seemed to be out of it tonight. They had trouble hanging on to the ball, and more importantly could not hit a free throw. During the game I was joking around that the team already had sun tan lotion on their hands in preparation for their trip to Puerto Rico. If not for a great night by Senior Ryne Smith I think the Boilers would be 1-1 on the season. Instead they sit at 2-0 going into the tournament. Smith nailed eight threes, but his most important shot might have been a jumper from just inside that arc that was the difference in the game. I read a lot of comments bashing Smith this past week so it was nice to see him come out and carry the team on his back. He is that little bulldog that you need out there. Scoring 26 points is nice as well. Continue reading

Boilers Win Big On Bobby Riddell Day

Today Purdue officially re-opened Mackey Arena. I was pretty excited for what should have been a great atmosphere. I guess after some of the great crowds last season my expectations were pretty high. In a blowout like the one tonight it would have been the perfect opportunity for someone like Bobby Riddell to get into the game. It would have been fitting since today was a day full of 11′s. As with the last post I will quit talking and just post some pictures from the big night. For some reason they are very heavy on Kelsey Barlow, but he did seem to be in the middle of the action a lot tonight.

This was the program highlight of the night for me as the American flag was brought onto the court

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Purdue vs. Northern State Photo Gallery

Instead of rambling on about a complete mismatch in an exhibition game I thought that I would just post a few pictures from the game. Nobody reads what I write anyway do they? One thought before I get started though. Was anyone else nervous about seeing Robbie Hummel on the floor against a team wearing Minnesota colors? The colors of Minnesota thrown together with the Hickory uniform seemed to get Rob fired up enough to have a great game. It was fun seeing him on the court again.

I have been experimenting in some HDR photography, and this is the new front entrance with a small HDR spin

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Gaels Bring Valpo Season to an End

Cory Johnson falling after getting hit hard.

Tonight I was at the first round game of the CIT in Valpo. Knowing that they would not be in the big dance Valpo fans were hoping for a NIT bid. With all the weird things surrounding the conference tourneys this year that was a long shot. I am not the loyal Valpo fan, but I was happy that they did not get the NIT so that they could have at least one more home game. Tonight they played the team that Purdue’s opponent in the tourney St. Peter’s beat to get there. The Iona Gaels come in with a better RPI, but both teams appeared to be fairly even. On paper it looked as if it would be one good game. Continue reading

Wisconsin Photo Gallery

With my good seats for the second half I took a few more pictures today than normal. After seeing how some of them turned out I wish I had taken more. If anyone has any lower level seats they don’t need let me know. I love how much better the pictures look down there. I felt like Tom Campbell except a lot less talented. I left out some pictures that I normally would have posted because I need storage space on WordPress. I still will post over 30 pictures from the game. Out of those at least one of them has to be good…right?


Who farted? Yes I am classy off the bat

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When is 11 > than 10?

LewJack was on fire tonight

Tonight is one example of when eleven is greater than ten. The Wisconsin Badgers came into West Lafayette ranked 1oth after their huge win against then #1 Ohio State. The Boilers were jumped by the Badgers, and sat ranked 11th. The last time these two teams met Wisconsin came away with a seven point win in Madison. Purdue actually had a one point lead with under a minute left thanks to five straight points by DJ Byrd. Things didn’t go Purdue’s way though, and they gave up a 8-0 run to end the game. I almost went to that game, but the snowstorm kept me away. What a difference two weeks makes. Instead of a blizzard it was 60 degrees in West Lafayette today. It was a beautiful day to be outside, but of course I had something to do inside. Continue reading

csd Flashback: 2/17/2010 Purdue @ Ohio State

The view from my seats in the nosebleed section

Last year everything fell into place for me, and I was able to go and see a great game in Columbus, Ohio. At the time Purdue was ranked fourth and Ohio State was ranked ninth. Evan Turner was in the midst of becoming a God for the Ohio State fans. He had singlehandedly beaten Purdue a few weeks earlier with a huge second half. The Buckeyes despite having a top ten team had to offer a special promotion to get fans in the door. If I remember right it was something like two tickets for $27. I got to the game early, but still had to park very far away. Once I got in I kept wondering when the fans were going to show up. Even as the game started the lower bowl was still relatively empty. I planned to move lower once the game started. Of course the fans started coming in after the tip so I was stuck in my seat. I can’t believe that fans would not get to the game in time for the tip between two top ten teams. Maybe the odd parking situation had something to do with the latecomers. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 10 Edition)

Last week I really didn’t do what I wanted to. The weather was so bad Saturday that I did not go to the Notre Dame game. I had trouble seeing just driving slow down my road so I turned around. I did however make it out the next day for the trip that is twice as long to West Lafayette. The roads were a little better, but it was going to take a lot more than that little bit of snow to stop me. I had contemplated making the trip to Madison to watch the lady Boilers, or just a little further to see the men take on Minnesota this week. In the end I just decided to stay home. The way both games turned out I am glad that I did. Continue reading

Robbie Hummel Reaction


Robbie works the ball against Michigan last season


The talk of Boiler nation at the homecoming game was not about the football team. It was about the horrible news that swept through the crowd like a tornado. Boiler forward Robbie Hummel tore his ACL for the second time in less than a year at the second practice of the season. Most of what I heard had to deal with the personal feelings of the people at the game. A lot of people worried about March travel plans instead of his future. I admit I had some of those feelings as well. ¬†For a kid in college your heart has to go out to Robbie. As hard as he worked to come back only to see it crumble early on. I felt bad when I heard the news, but I am just a fan. I am one of over 14,000 at every home game in Mackey. One of millions of college basketball fans across the country who felt the tremor yesterday. Of the millions of people one really matters right now. That is Robbie himself. He has a long road ahead of him, and will need all the support he can get. Is it crazy that the best idea I have heard so far came from the Indiana head coach? He suggested everyone writing Rob a letter of support. That is not a bad idea. I don’t think it will make the rehab any easier, but it will let him know all of the people that care about him. So sit down at your computer or with a sheet of paper and let this young man know that you are behind him. It is the least you could do. Continue reading