Today the Purdue Baseball team did something that it had not done in 103 years. It won the Big Ten Baseball title. Actually it clinched at least a tie, but with four games left it seems like this team has the outright title in the bag. I was at the game today and snapped a few pictures. I will have a little more on the game, and a link to more pictures later. For now let’s just enjoy the spoils of victory. Boiler Up!

Purdue vs. Nebraska Photo Gallery Part Two

Here are the pictures from the second half and the three overtimes from Thursdays game. I was even getting tired of taking pictures near the end so there are not too many late. I wish that the game had ended differently, but of course it didn’t. Both teams showed tremendous determination during the game, and somebody had to lose the game. Below are some of the pictures that I liked from the end of the game.

KK Houser with no place to go down low

"Let's cross our fingers and hope that this play ends the game"

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Purdue vs. Nebraska Photo Gallery Part One

Since the game was so long yesterday I decided to split the photo gallery up into two sections. This first one will cover the first half of the game.

Lincoln, Nebraska native KK Houser gets stretched out prior to the game

Sophomore Courtney Moses warms up with a high leg kick. I didn't see the sign but I am guessing fastball

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A Historic Game

If only this shot had gone in at the buzzer in regulation

Tonight I went to my second sporting event of the year. This site is called Confessions of a Sports Junkie, not Confessions of a Guy Who Occasionally attends games. For some reason though things have not worked out to allow me to attend games. I really wanted to see the top 25 matchup between the Purdue Boilermakers and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. This game was very big because first place in the Big Ten was on the line. A win by the Boilers and they stay a game ahead of Ohio State, and a loss puts them in a tie with Nebraska for the lead with Ohio State just a 1/2 game out.  Continue reading

Purdue Advance to Face UConn Tuesday Night


Brittany shooting a free throw earlier this season at Notre Dame

Brittany Rayburn and Drey Mingo led the Boilers to the opening round win today against Kansas State 53-45. They were led by impressive efforts of juniors Brittany Rayburn and Drey Mingo. Brittany finished the game with 21 points, and Drey finished with 16 points. They really picked up the scoring when nobody else seemed to want to score. I don’t think that you can state enough what a force Brittany was in the second half when the Boilers needed some points. This is the player we love to see. When she has her confidence she is tough to defend.

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Kelsey Barlow Suspended For the Rest of the Season

Kelsey Barlow near the rim earlier this season

I go a few hours without checking the internet, and huge news comes out of Purdue on the eve of the tournament. According to Shakespeare Julius Caesar was told by a soothsayer “Beware the Ides of March.” Apparently nobody told that to Kelsey. Continue reading

Boilers Bring Home Some Hardware

JaJuan Johnson lets the game winning shot go against Penn State earlier this season

The Big Ten Awards were announced tonight, and the Boilers were well represented. First of all JaJuan Johnson was named the player of the year. The fact that he won surprised me almost as much as the fact they announced it first, and did not make everyone wait for it. I thought for sure the media hype surrounding Sullinger would give him the award. As usual on this blog I was wrong. Continue reading

2011 Big Ten Women’s Tournament Preview

Jantel Lavender posting up Chelsea Jones

This season I had a rough time picking the games during the regular season. I went 118-59 overall with my women’s picks this year. I did go 5-0 last week though so I think that makes me an expert. After watching enough pre and post game shows for the men this year I found out that you can be wrong the majority of the time, but if you just accentuate the times you were right you are considered an expert. So we will just look at my 5-0 record last week, and judge the season from there. Continue reading

Thanks For the Memories: E’Twaun Moore

I think I have already said a lot about E’Twaun in the previous post about JJ. These two seniors have been very fun to watch for four years. Tomorrow night I will see them play one last time in Mackey. Both players have had their signature moments. I think we might have seen E’Twaun’s a couple of weeks ago against Ohio State. His 38 points against the #2 team in the country was huge. On his way to 38 that night E’Twaun scored his 2,000th point as a member of the Boilermakers. I am sure that he will get a ball for that tomorrow night. I have seen a few players get their 1,000th point as a Boiler, but never 2,000. He will leave Purdue having left his mark in the record books, but the most important stat is the fact that he will be part of the duo that won the most games at Purdue. Continue reading

Thanks For the Memories: JaJuan Johnson

Four years ago I was not too sure about this skinny freshman. I had heard about how good he was, but all I saw was another Jonathan Uchendu. He was just so skinny, and I don’t relate well to either skinny players or tall players let alone both. He would throw down a monster dunk, but when you are that tall who can’t? Back then I thought his name was pronounced with the second J being used. I quickly found out that was not the case. That does not seem that long ago. Continue reading