Purdue vs. Wisconsin Photo Gallery

Yesterday was the second rough game in a row inside of Ross Ade Stadium. I must be the eternal optimist because once again I came to the game ready to see a win. Things started off great with a touchdown in 38 seconds for the Boilers. A crisp deep ball led to an easy score. I thought that this was the turning point. When Wisconsin scored to tie it nearly as quickly I thought we would see a shootout. Little did I know that the score would be the first of 38 unanswered points by the Badgers. Akeem Hunt scored on a nice run late to bookend the day, but the 38-14 score pretty much shows you how badly Purdue was beaten on the day. Luckily we had tickets in the WLFI suite so the rain that soaked most fans did not get to us. The stands never seemed too packed from the start, but the play combined with the rain made us feel like we were at an exclusive event for most of the second half. The Boilers have a tough game in Columbus next week, and do not return home until the first week of November. It will be interesting to see how the fans respond when Penn State comes to town. Enough ranting. Here are some of the pictures that I liked from the game this weekend:

The team comes out with much fanfare

I Am An American!

Somewhere in the pile is Caleb TerBush scoring for Purdue 38 seconds into the game

As the halftime highlights are posted on the jumbotron the rain really starts to come down

Akeem Hunt bookends the day with this speedy run down the sidelines for six

The student section really emptied out after ‘Shout’. Here some of the fans who stayed watch the final minutes tick away


The view of Mackey from our suite

I have always wanted a picture of this end zone with nobody in it

The inside of a suite

The view of the field from just above the seats in the suite

Rain pours in near the north end zone

Thankfully the scoreboard was off when I took this picture

Ryan Kerrigan is now a Washington Redskin

Ryan Kerrigan pestering Denard Robinson

During his time at Purdue Ryan was very fun to watch. He left with a lot of records, but he really seemed to do it the right way as well. How he flew under the radar during the recruiting process is a great reason why I don’t follow recruiting. One of the best defensive ends ever at Purdue was not really highly thought of as a recruit. He was highly thought of when he left though as he was drafted 16th overall by the Washington Redskins tonight. It will be fun to watch him represent Purdue well in the NFL. Continue reading

Wisconsin Photo Gallery

With my good seats for the second half I took a few more pictures today than normal. After seeing how some of them turned out I wish I had taken more. If anyone has any lower level seats they don’t need let me know. I love how much better the pictures look down there. I felt like Tom Campbell except a lot less talented. I left out some pictures that I normally would have posted because I need storage space on WordPress. I still will post over 30 pictures from the game. Out of those at least one of them has to be good…right?


Who farted? Yes I am classy off the bat

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When is 11 > than 10?

LewJack was on fire tonight

Tonight is one example of when eleven is greater than ten. The Wisconsin Badgers came into West Lafayette ranked 1oth after their huge win against then #1 Ohio State. The Boilers were jumped by the Badgers, and sat ranked 11th. The last time these two teams met Wisconsin came away with a seven point win in Madison. Purdue actually had a one point lead with under a minute left thanks to five straight points by DJ Byrd. Things didn’t go Purdue’s way though, and they gave up a 8-0 run to end the game. I almost went to that game, but the snowstorm kept me away. What a difference two weeks makes. Instead of a blizzard it was 60 degrees in West Lafayette today. It was a beautiful day to be outside, but of course I had something to do inside. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 14 Edition)

This week I am going to be very hypocritical. Or maybe not. I picked the game Wednesday between the #12 Purdue Boilermakers and the #14 Wisconsin Badgers as the game of the week. I actually think that the Badgers have a good shot at beating #1 Ohio State today at home. I do think though that they will lose in West Lafayette Wednesday. I just think that it is that tough to play in the Kohl Center. If Ohio State can pull that game out, then I think they are poised to run the table in the regular season. That should be an interesting game that I hope the Badgers can pull out. That leads to Wednesday when they turn around to play Purdue. Wisconsin is a very tough team. Purdue had them on the ropes up in Madison, but could not finish the game. DJ Byrd scored five straight points near the end that I thought sealed the game for the Boilers. That was not the case though, and they lost. I think that the crowd at Mackey will be the difference here, and the Boilers will get the win. With only a couple more opportunities to see Smooge and JJ at home we will have to enjoy these games. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Wisconsin Photo Gallery

Here are some of the pictures from Friday night. I really wish I had one in here of the Purdue game winner, but it was not to be.
Purdue Pete getting fired up prior to the game

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On the Wrong Side of History Once Again

Courtney Moses with the ball in the first half

Last night the Purdue women lost a heartbreaker 68-66 to Wisconsin in their Big Ten opener. What made the win so historical was the fact that Wisconsin had not won in Mackey since 1984. Yes you read that right 1984. It seems that I have seen lots of Purdue history lately, but all on the wrong side. Helping Wisconsin to that win was their 11 three pointers which tied for the most all-time in Badger history. More history I saw on the wrong side of. Continue reading

Leaders and Legends

Since shortly after Nebraska joined the Big Ten we knew that there would be two divisions. We also knew what teams were in each division. One thing that we didn’t know though was the name of each division. Today the names were announced at a press conference held at noon. Since I was snowed in with the authorities writing tickets for being on the road I had nothing better to do than to watch the press conference and then post about it. The announcement did not seem to go over too well through the few people I saw comment about it via the social networks. I think that over time people will get used to some of these ideas. After the Wrigley debacle though they had to be nervous about how the public would take this decision. No new rule changes were announced during the half hour show. So far all games next season will feature teams switching sids at the quarters and playing both ways. Continue reading

Purdue vs. Wisconsin in Pictures Part 1

Once again I took way too many pictures this weekend. I decided to split the pictures up into two posts to cut down on size. Here is the first of the two.

John Clay trying to find some room

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