Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 2

Although the second half did not turn out as I would have hoped here are the pictures from the final two plus quarters of Saturday’s game.

A Ben Chappell fumble lays on the ground. Albert Evans recovered the ball, but the play was overturned

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Purdue vs. Indiana Photo Gallery Part 1

Since it was the last game in a Purdue uniform for some of the seniors I decided to make this photo gallery a little bit bigger. Today is part one with pictures from the first half of the Saturday’s contest. Tomorrow I will post the second half photo gallery.

Seniors Ryan Kerrigan, Dan Dierking, Jason Werner, and Kyle Adams at the pre game coin toss

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Purdue All American Marching Band Bucket Game Photo Gallery

Part of what makes college football so much fun is the fact that the band has such a good time. I have never been able to play any kind of instrument so it amazes me how they can prepare shows so fast. How cool was it Thursday to see the band start off the Macy’s parade? The band represents the school very well at the Indy 500, and did a great job at the parade. Part of the gameday experience is following the band back to the fountain for the post game concert. Here are a few images from the day of the band in action:

The drum on the field with the Macy's logo before the game

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A Tough Day to Be a Purdue Fan

A Purdue Cheerleader trying not to throw up after the loss

If the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, than was yesterday Black Saturday? It sure felt like it as a Purdue fan. When Ryan Newman won the Daytona 500 a couple years ago I titled my post ‘A Great Day to Be a Boilermaker.’ As good as that day felt, I think I felt the other end of that yesterday. Yesterday was a rough day to be a Purdue fan for sure. First of all we played another eleven o’clock start for football. That means getting up way too early on a Saturday to make the trip to West Lafayette. Then of course the temperatures made things interesting in the stands. A few people stayed at home, and the people that came were so bundled up that they didn’t fit in their seats. The row behind me looked like a sardine can with everyone crammed into it. I have been to a couple cold games before, and realized that if you bundle up like you are going on an arctic exploration you won’t even think about the cold during the game.  Continue reading

csd Flashback: 1996 Bucket Game

All week long I have been seeing stats and other memories related to the 1996 final game for both teams. This was the first of many bucket games for me. I have seen one every other year ever since 1996. I did not see a great game for my first one though as the Boilers dropped it 33-16. This is the last time that the Hoosiers have won inside of Ross-Ade Stadium.  Continue reading

Game Notes: Purdue vs. Indiana

Ryan Kerrigan closing in on the quarterback two years ago

This will likely be my final football game of the year. With Purdue not going to a bowl (unless they allow a 5-7 team into the Little Caesar’s Bowl) I do not have a football game on the schedule in the near future. That seems kind of weird. i love football, and the season is just about over. It seems like it was just September and I had a lot of optimism heading into the Notre Dame game. I even picked the Boilers to win that one. I have made that mistake multiple times since. Early in the season the Boilers were 4-2, and needing just two wins to make a bowl. Well they have not won a game since then, and the bowl hope is now gone. Indiana started the season 3-0,  and have only managed one win since. This game could have been a bowl showdown, but it is not. Who knows how many people will even show up to it? The students will be on Thanksgiving break, and many people are traveling for the holidays. To make matters worse the basketball team who is ranked in the top ten in the country has a game at night in Chicago.  Continue reading

In Honor of the Bucket Game

Here is a short video shot at the basketball game last night. I think that it only fitting that I post it during Indiana week. By the way today is the third time in the past week that this site has broken the record for visits in day. Thanks to everyone for coming to visit the site.

The Bucket Stays Home!!

Purdue finished off the 2006 Big Ten season today with a 28-19 win over the Indiana Hoosiers today in Ross-Ade Stadium. This was a wild game that was still in doubt until the final two minutes. Both teams had trouble stopping each other. The only reason the score was as low as it was was that the teams easily stopped themselves. At one point in the game there were five turnovers in a seven play span. Purdue got the ball on a Hoosier turnover only to have Jaycen Taylor fumble at the end of a 31 yard run. Tracey Porter picked up the fumble and ran 57 yards before Jake Standeford knocked the ball out of his hands from behind and out of the back of the endzone for a touchback. That’s right. Two turnovers on one play. You won’t see high quality play like that at the Ohio State – Michigan game. Standeford’s forced fumble was a great hustle play that reminded me of Don Beebe running down Leon Lett in the Super Bowl. His hustle saved a Hoosier touchdown. Purdue won the turnover contest 5 to 4, and still somehow won the game. Of the five Purdue turnovers, Painter was responsible for four of them all interceptions. In the end though, we retain the bucket, and take our 8-4 record to Hawaii. Indiana goes home. All is well in West Lafayette.

Game Preview: Purdue 7-4 (4-3) – v. Indiana 5-6 (3-4)

The bucket game is finally here again. Last year it was a meaningless game between two teams that were not going to a bowl. This year Purdue has already wrapped up a bowl berth, and the Hoosiers need to beat the Boilers in their last game to get to a bowl for the first time in over a decade. Last year the Boilermakers crushed the Hoosiers 41-14. This game could go the same way, and then again it could be close. The Hoosiers have been great when they are on, but horrible when they are off. They beat an Iowa team that was ranked in the top 15 at the time fairly easily, but they have also been crushed by a Minnesota team that is fighting to get into a bowl as well. They have beaten one 1-AA school, but have been beaten by a 1-AA school. Which team shows up in Ross-Aide will determine the game.

The past two weeks the Boilers have been handed games in the second half. Last year we still would have lost those games. This year we have won both of them. Our defense will have to stop Lewis and Hardy to keep the Indiana offense down, and our offense will have to snap out of its funk if we hope to have a shot at this one. Last year Korey Sheets had a great game against IU. Let’s hope he can have another one this Saturday.

My prediction: Purdue 45 – Indiana 41

I have been to five previous bucket games in the last ten years. The Indiana weekend has usually produced lasting memories for me. Let’s see if this one can top the rest of them. Here is a brief look at the previous five meetings:

1. 11/18/2000 – Purdue clinches its first Rose Bowl against the Hoosiers in Ross-Aide Stadium. Montrell Lowe runs for 208 yards and 4 touchdowns in the win. Drew Brees leaves Ross-Aide Stadium for the final time a winner. Purdue wins 41-13

2. 11/19/2005 – The Boilers and Hoosiers meet with nothing on the line but pride, and the Hoosiers fail to defend the rock. Korey Sheets runs for 140 yards and 3 touchdowns as the Boilers roll to a 41-14 victory. This was my first game back in Memorial Stadium since I was in the student section in 1994.

3. 11/21/1998 – Purdue wins easily 52-7 at Ross-Aide stadium. Drew Brees throws for 237 yards and 4 touchdowns for Purdue. Something else happened that weekend, but I can’t remember what.

4. 11/23/1996 – This was the last game for both Bill Mallory and Jim Colletto. The Hoosiers win one for their coach, and snap a 15 game conference losing streak in the process. This was my first bucket game. I went because I was a Purdue student who still knew the players on the Indiana team from my time there. Indiana wins easy 33-16.

5. 11/23/2002 – Exactly six years after my fist bucket game I saw Purdue beat the Hoosiers in Ross-Aide stadium again. The Purdue offense ran for 296 yards against the Hoosiers. Purdue won 34-10 to claim the 50th P on the bucket.