On the Wrong Side of History Once Again

Courtney Moses with the ball in the first half

Last night the Purdue women lost a heartbreaker 68-66 to Wisconsin in their Big Ten opener. What made the win so historical was the fact that Wisconsin had not won in Mackey since 1984. Yes you read that right 1984. It seems that I have seen lots of Purdue history lately, but all on the wrong side. Helping Wisconsin to that win was their 11 three pointers which tied for the most all-time in Badger history. More history I saw on the wrong side of. Continue reading

Smooge Drops the Ball on Northwestern

Smooge driving in the second half against Northwestern

After watching way too many ads for the new Tron movie I thought that the title for this post was going to be Twaun: Legacy. Somewhere around Monon on the way home I thought that a New Year’s reference would sound better. This title fits exactly what E’Twaun Moore did today. He came out on fire to give Purdue an early lead, then just kept scoring. He finished the day with 31 points which tied his career high. He also pulled down seven boards, had three assists, a block, and two steals. That great day helped carry the Boilers to the 82-69 win. Continue reading

Notre Dame vs. Georgetown Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the Notre Dame game against Georgetown. Since you cannot take pictures during the game these are only from pregame, halftime, and during a few timeouts. This was the first of what I hope are many games I see this season with two ranked teams.

One of the Georgetown players dunks pregame

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Valpo vs. Ball State Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures finally from Tuesday nights game. I only took them when Valpo was on offense on my side of the court, and actually put my camera down to enjoy the second half. The funny thing is that I actually seem to see more when looking through my lens.

Brandon Wood looks like he is cutting this one a little close

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Irish Start the Big East Season Off With a Big Win

Tim Abromaitis during the pregame intoductions

Last night I went to Notre Dame to watch the #15 Irish take on 9th ranked Georgetown. It was part of my four games in four days drive to end the year. For some reason I thought that Notre Dame would win the game. I even picked them this week in my weekly pick segment. The win was not because of the home crowd though. They only got going twice, and that was short lived each time. Games without the student sections are by far the worst. The students seem to generate 90% of the crowd noise. A big game like last night with the students would have been a great atmosphere. Instead people came in late like the Irish were playing Southest Missouri State. You are playing a top ten team…get to the game and get loud! Continue reading

Crusaders Wear Down Cardinals

Erik Buggs brings the ball up the floor

Last night I had a ticket to the Valpo game against Ball State in my hands so I decided to make the short trip to Valpo. The ticket was part of the package I bought in order to get into the Purdue game. I agree with Valpo trying to get the most out of the game, but I would have liked a choice of the games in the package. This is the only one I think that is on a day that Purdue does not have a game. Most of the time the games are at the same time. Continue reading

College Basketball Game of the Week (Week 7 Edition)

This post is a little late this week, but with the holidays what isn’t? I am going to use the holidays as my excuse as to why I am not as prepared as I should be for this post. With everything that has been going on around here with Christmas I have really been slacking on being a sports junkie. That should all change this week. I will not go into great detail about this weeks games, but the Big Ten season is finally upon us. No more teams coming into Mackey with names I have never heard of. These are the big dogs coming up. Each game is just as important as any other. I am excited to see how the sold out crowds react to the Big Ten season at Mackey. Of course that is after the New Year’s Eve game against Northwestern as the students will still be on break. The games really just aren’t the same without them there. Luckily we only have one more game like that this season. I really enjoy the atmosphere they bring to the arena. I guess we will have to wait one more game for that. The men open up the Big Ten slate at Michigan. I will not be there, but I will be in Valpo since that game was part of the package I got to get the Purdue ticket. I have already been to Michigan so I would like to save a road trip for a place that I have not seen yet. I will be at both of the Big Ten home openers, and I am sure that I will see enough games this year. Maybe next week I will actually have enough time to put out a decent game of the week post. For now though here are my week seven picks.

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Purdue vs. IPFW Photo Gallery

Here are the pictures from the game Tuesday night finally

Bobby 'Buckets' Riddell getting some love prior to the game

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Purdue vs. Southern Illinois Photo Gallery

After a steal Chantel Poston gets hammered trying the layup

Drey Mingo working on offense

Mingo playing some tough D as well

Coaching is all about proper pointing...

...as you can see here as well

Alex Guyton with the easy shot

Even the cheerleaders were having a good night Monday

The obligitory Brittany Rayburn picture

Chelsea Jones getting a shot off

Antoinette Howard with a put back

Mingo calling for the ball

Boilers KO the Mastodons

John Peckinpaugh working against DJ Byrd

I am a little behind on my blog. With the holidays coming up things have been crazy around here. I will try to finally get this post up from Tuesday nights game as well as the pictures up tonight. Continue reading