Plenty of Treats

Tonight I was at the first game of the season for the Purdue Men’s team. Well sort of the first game. The game was an exhibition, but you would not have known it from the way the crowd was rocking at the beginning. The final margin was not as wide as I thought it would be. Purdue won 94-62, but I think they could have scored much more. They also gave the Moccasins way too many second chance baskets. They were out rebounded badly by a small school. Highights from the game included seeing LewJack and Ryne Smith for the first time. Neither of them disappointed. LewJack was all over the court, and made some great passes. Smith looked like he would never miss from three. Just when you thought he was just a three point shooter he took it to the hole with ease. The other players all looked good. It was good to see them playing with that intensity that I remember. These guys give it everything that they have all of the time out on the floor. If they let up at all Painter takes them out for a breather, and someone else gets in the game. This could be a real fun year. The old guys look great, and the new guys look to give us even more depth off of the bench. Strap in for a fun ride.
One interesting fact from the game was that although we were playing Florida Southern, they had just as many players from Indiana on the team as Florida players (four). Some of that may be due to the fact that their coach played basketball at Purdue.

Game Preview: Purdue 2-6 (0-4) v. Michigan 2-6 (1-3)

This is a hard game to call. Michigan is down. Way down. We should be able to mop the floor with these guys. The only problem with that is the fact that we are way down as well. Michigan is getting beat, but at least they are scoring points. We are not scoring. Maybe the Michigan defense is what we need to get better. We just need to score to win. The defense is playing alright. They are not dominating, but they are getting the job done. Last week we managed to put six points on the board. Granted we had a quarterback that did not know the offense all that well at the helm. That is no excuse for scoring six points or less in three of the last four weeks. Painter is still a question mark as of this writing. Does that really matter though. In my opinion he is a Matt C. Matt was a kid who was the star in fifth grade at my school. He was 5’7″ at that time, and towered over the rest of us. He never grew another inch, and was passed by quickly. Painter came in with talent, and if he could grow just a little he would be great. He never has really gotten any better than he was in 2005 when he took over for Kirsch. He seems like a good guy, and I wish him nothing but the best. If he is healthy I would love nothing more than to see him lead us to four straight wins. His health is the question though. After last Saturday’s game Coach Tiller questioned why he didn’t want to play in the second half. He said that most people would have played through the pain. Siller was alright at quarterback, but he did not have all the plays under his belt. He also did not look too comfortable running the offense. He did however show some great playmaking ability. If he can build on that…damn…it is starting all over again. Painter took over for Kirsch at homecoming in 2005. Maybe this is where he loses his spot.

My Prediction: Purdue 12 – Michigan 20

I can explain this score a little better here. Purdue has not been very good at scoring touchdowns so four field goals is a very likely scenario. They also have been missing PAT’s, so this is likely as well. They will be without an experienced quarterback against a team with some highly regarded players. They have not played up to expectations, but have been playing better lately. I gave Michigan 20 because of the fact that we have been holding teams down lately. Just to the point that we think that we can still win this thing, but then we just continue to shoot ourselves in the foot.
Last week I did alright with won – loss, but was way off on the scores. Maybe I can redeem myself this week. Here are my other predictions for this week in the Big Ten:

Last week 4-1 (4-2 in 2008)
Central Michigan 31 – Indiana 21
Michigan State 38 – Wisconsin 21
Minnesota 23 – Northwestern 17
Iowa 35 – Illinois 10
Bonus Pick: LaPorte 28 – South Bend Adams 27

Game Preview: Purdue v. Florida Southern

Tomorrow night the Boilers hit the court for the first game of the year. It does not count, but the Boilermakers will be facing someone other than themselves for the first time this year. In these types of games all you really want to do is build on what you have done in practice, and come out of the game with no injuries. This should be a high flying adventure for a while, then we will get to clear the bench. Bobby Buckets should get some real playing time tomorrow night. I am very excited to see the returning players as well as some of the newcomers. This game should help me see them all in one night.
Normally I don’t preview each basketball game of the year. This is the first one though so I thought that I would get off on the right foot. I may do a few this season. I thought that I can get my win percentage up during the exhibition season. I will have a little better season preview right before the first real basketball game.

My prediction: Purdue 103 – Florida Southern 46

Just before this game they will be playing a volleyball game. I may have to go and check that out. I have never been to a college game, and the Ohio State matchup might be a good one to start on. The following night the Boilers play Michigan after the football team plays them. I will be at one of these if not both. I have seen that volleyball can be fun to watch. I will try not to make a habit out of it though.

Meet the Newest Member of the White Sox

I guess that the Sox just signed Jayson Nix to a contract. Here is what I have been able to find out about him so far. I never had heard of Nix before so I had to do some digging. It turns out Nix was the starting second basemen for the Rockies at the start of the season. He lost his job, and was then sent down to Triple A where he played well. He went overseas to be a part of the Olympic team. He hit a home run against Cuba, but in the eleventh inning of that game fouled a ball off of his right eye. He had to leave the game, and did not play again in Beijing. He is not projected to be an everyday second baseman, so where does that leave him? From the little I have seen online that would mean the end of Juan Uribe in Chicago. Of course we thought that last off season as well. In the past couple of days I have heard some other interesting info about the Sox. They made it official that they would not pick up the option on Griffey’s contract. That was pretty much a given. The interesting thing that I heard again is the talk of the Chone Figgins for Paul Konerko deal again. I love Pauly, but I think that game #163 last year was the last time that I will see him in a Sox uniform. He does have a no trade clause, so he can always Nix the trade. See what I did there?

csd Flashback: October 26th, 2005

Just a few years ago I was sitting in the United Center watching the White Sox play game four of the World Series. When Juan Uribe caught the ground ball and rifled the ball to first I lost control. I yelled like a ten year old girl for a few seconds. Here for the first time seen by anyone but myself is the video that I took that night. It starts just before Juan dives into the stands, and ends when I am shaking so bad I had to put the camera down. I am not a man who cries. At my grandparents funerals I never cried. Is it wrong then that I get choked up every time I watch this video? I think priorities are in the wrong place. That night is still a special night for me. It was amazing how every one came together. Just after the out you can see me high five a mother and child who I befriended that night. I think that I said something about getting a high five, but what comes out is gibberish. A kid who grew up across the street from me with no sports ambitions whatsoever, and ended up moving over an hour away was sitting just in front of me. My team ended a long drought to win the World Series. I hope I can feel this way again sometime.

This site just had its 4,000th visitor. Congratulations to the visitor from Mountain View, California who takes the honor of being lucky number 4,000.

Welcome Home

Homecoming at Purdue has come and gone. The same might be said for the season. Yesterday when I wrote the preview for this game I picked against the Boilermakers on purpose to give them a better shot. It seems like my pick always loses. That did not work today. On the first series of the game the Gophers took the ball down the field in less than two seconds to score what was the deciding touchdown. Purdue hung tough all day, but could not pull off the win.
When Purdue got the ball Curtis Painter went down right away. That coupled with Joey Elliot’s injury last week meant that quarterback turned running back returned to quarterback Justin Siller was put into the game. Siller showed great promise when being rushed. He continuously got out of trouble, but except for a couple of runs he couldn’t make anything out of it. His running ability leaves no questions. He is a great open field runner. He showed today that he can also get out of trouble. He does have an unorthodox passing style, and he doesn’t seem too accurate. He has all the time in the world to improve though, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the field again.
This week the Boilers have a new holder for field goals (and maybe extra points but we saw none of them today). The new holder is Kris Staats. This would normally not be a big deal. Staats is a receiver from way down on the depth chart. He is a preferred walk on that gets to dress every week. What makes this so cool is the fact that Staats is from the great town of LaPorte. In 2005 he helped the Slicer Football team re-write the record books. He has worked hard to get onto the field, and it is nice to see him get some playing time.One interesting part of the day was the tailgating. I graduated from Purdue. My brother attends Purdue. His girlfriends parents are in from Colorado, and who shows who the tailgates? The people from Colorado. We partied with Jack’s Boys today. Jack’s Boys is a new society created by the former players of Jack Mollenkopf to honor his memory. It was interesting to hear their stories about the past, and to also hear what they think about where Purdue is heading. One of the highlights was meeting Larry Kaminski. Larry was a former Purdue player in the 60′s, and also a Denver Bronco. He lived in Steamboat, Co so that was our in. Hopefully their society takes off, and they can have bigger gatherings with much more important people than me. I imagine we will have more about Larry on the blog at a later time.

Game Preview: Purdue v. #25 Minnesota

I have been skydiving. When you go for the first time they strap someone on your back that knows what they are doing. When you jump out of the plane everything happens so fast you don’t know when the free fall will end. That has got to be how the Boilers feel right now. Curtis stop kneeling down, its not over. Nothing is over until we decided it is. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?…….and it isn’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough…….the tough get going. Alright, maybe it is too early for the Animal House quotes, but we are in about as much trouble as they were. Purdue has only won two games this year, and one of those was against a Division II team. The only game we won this year against a real opponent was the last second victory over Central Michigan. The feeling in the stadium was high that day. Who could have guessed that we would be disappointed for so long after that? We need to play the way we are capable of on both sides of the ball on the same day. The offense played well Saturday, but could not outscore the Wildcats. The defense took a few steps back when a solid performance could have helped us to a win. I think that we will play better Saturday, but not good enough to win. The Gophers have a good quarterback, and receiver that may just be too much for us to contain as the day goes on. Pender will have to be on his game this week. He is a good corner, but he must win this matchup for us to have a shot. On the other side of the ball Korey Sheets must take advantage of what should be a slick field to run the ball and kill the clock against the Gophers. He is a good back, but he needs to back up his comments from last week. He works well under pressure, and this week he has a lot to play up to. When the chute finally opened on my skydiving adventure it went from pure madness to serenity. I think the Boilers could salvage this season if they could finally get a win against a Top 25 school. They just need someone to pull the cord. That person is Curtis Painter. His play will ultimately decide the game.
Just for kicks this week I decided to try and do the other Big Ten games just to see how bad I really am at picking games. Maybe I am just handicapped by my ties to Purdue.

My Predictions (0-1 2008):
Minnesota 31 – Purdue 24
Northwestern 30 -Indiana 9
Michigan State 42 – Michigan 6
Penn State 28 – Ohio State 27
Wisconsin 38 – Illinois 31

csd Flashback: 9/23/2000 Purdue Football v. Minnesota

This was one of the truly great games that I have been to. This was the year after I was down on campus, and I did not get to go to many games. My friend over at Living Vicariously had his season tickets in the John Purdue club section the year after he graduated college. He asked if I wanted to go, and we went down to the game excited about the start of the Big Ten season. What we didn’t expect to see was a record setting day. Drew Brees threw for 409 yards on 33 of 49 passes to lead the Boilers to a 38-24 win over the Gophers. Those 33 completions put him ahead of Jack Trudeau (Illinois) for most completions all-time in the Big Ten. He also passed Mark Herrmann (of Purdue) for most attempts all-time in the Big Ten. He also surpassed the 10,000 yard mark in his career becoming only the second Big Ten player to do so. He was at that time only 219 yards behind Chuck Long for most yards ever. He was one touchdown behind long for the Big Ten lead after the game. He did pass Mark Herrmann for the most as a Boiler during the contest. Besides passing for 409 yards Brees ran for 88 yards including an eleven yard touchdown run. This was a Hesiman like day for the Heisman hopeful. This was Drew’s last game against Minnesota. For their sake it was a good thing. In three games against the Gophers he completed 92 of 127 passes for 1,214 yards, 10 touchdowns, and no interceptions. That is not a bad career against a team. This was a great game all around for the Boilers who were on their way to Pasedena. I had so much fun at the game that I bought a ticket after the game for the match up against Michigan two weeks later. This game also marked the only time I had a camera at a Boiler game with Brees at quarterback. I really wished I had it at the Michigan game when I was able to storm the field. Maybe we will have more on that next week. The picture above of Brees throwing to Sutherland is one of my favorites that I have taken. John Standeford is running an inside route on the play as well. More pictures from this day can be found at my photobucket site.
I think I needed to go back and remember when I was excited to go to Purdue games. I go to so many now that it almost becomes a chore each weekend. Combine that with the way the team is playing, and I need something to get excited about. Being Homecoming this weekend maybe we will have a good halftime show. Tomorrow I will have my preview of the homecoming contest. With my great prognosticating abilities that should be interesting.

NCAAF 1 2 3 4 F
- - - - --
Minnesota 0 3 7 14 24
Purdue (21) 7 17 7 7 38 FINAL

Purdue-Sutherland 21 pass from Brees (Dorsch kick)
Purdue-Simpson 8 pass from Brees (Dorsch kick)
Purdue-FG Dorsch 24
Purdue-Ennis 1 run (Dorsch kick)
Minnesota-FG Nystrom 52
Purdue-Ennis 3 run (Dorsch kick)
Minnesota-Tapeh 2 run (Nystrom kick)
Minnesota-Utecht 3 pass from Cole (Nystrom kick)
Purdue-Brees 11 run (Dorsch kick)
Minnesota-Patterson 20 pass from Cole (Nystrom kick)

Minnesota Purdue
First downs 16 33
Rushed-yards 28-55 39-122
Passing yards 214 409
Sacked-yards lost 2-7 1-9
Return yards 37 54
Passes 22-39-1 33-50-0
Punts 8-48.3 4-31.8
Fumbles-lost 2-0 2-2
Penalties-yards 8-66 5-42
Time of possession 24:29 35:31

Individual Statistics
RUSHING: Minnesota-Tapeh 16-48, Cole 3-11, Mays 1-9, T Redmon
3-minus 4, Abdul-khaliq 5-minus 9. Purdue-Brees 12-88, Lowe
16-66, Ennis 6-11, Brown 1-3, J Standeford 1-0, Team 3-minus 46.

PASSING: Minnesota-Cole 17-27-1-180, Abdul-khaliq 5-12-0-34.
Purdue-Brees 33-49-0-409, Team 0-1-0-0.

RECEIVING: Minnesota-R Johnson 7-72, T Redmon 4-43, Brewer
3-41, Patterson 3-33, Tapeh 2-9, Mays 1-8, Fitzpatrick 1-5,
Utecht 1-3. Purdue-Stratton 9-105, J Standeford 7-86,
Sutherland 6-96, Simpson 4-28, Henderson 3-30, S Morales 1-33,
Dawson 1-14, Winston 1-10, Lowe 1-7.

Att: 67,425

This Makes Me Hungry

While searching for a clip of the 1975 home run yesterday on youtube I stubled upon this old commercial for Pizza Hut. It features Carlton Fisk and Rich Dotson eating and talking about the White Sox placemats. I used to have those things, and I know they were thrown away which makes me sick. Readers of this blog know that I met both of these players at my first game in 1985. That makes this video even better. This is a great clip that reminds me of the good ole days. It also makes me hungry.