Scott Martin To Notre Dame

Just yesterday I was talking to some people about Martin. I kept saying that he had better pick his school quick. Apparently he already had, and I missed it somehow. The LaPorte paper seems to be up on all things bad about the Boilermakers. I will cheer for Martin at Notre Dame, but I will always wonder what might have been at Purdue. He started really playing well at the end of the year. He would have been a good contributor this season. As it is he will have to sit out a year, then in 2009-2010 he will be playing for the Irish. Like I said I wish him luck, but also really wish he would have stayed put. It would be interesting if Purdue could renew its series with the Irish. That would be some good TV. Who am I kidding? I would be there in a heartbeat.

Back to the Future?

Today has been a day of speculation around Chicago. It seems that Doug Collins may be the new coach of the Chicago Bulls. Both sides are denying an agreement has been reached, but I think that they are just waiting until the Western Conference Finals are over before they announce anything. Back in 1989 the Bulls decided to get rid of Collins because they needed someone else to get them to the next level. What has changed over the years to make him a different coach. I hope that it works out, and Collins can get the Bulls going again.

Hockey At Wrigley Field?

It seems as though the NHL would like to see hockey at Wrigley Field next winter. The game may be announced soon, and from what I have heard it will be the Blackhawks and the Red Wings in the second outdoor game ever. I for one would love to see this happen. I am a hockey fan that has stayed away from the ice for a while. This might be the perfect way for me to get back into the swing of things. It could also be another chance for me to see Chris Chelios on the ice again. I found the picture above over at, and thought that it was appropriate for the post. I think that the Cub faithful would not even notice the difference if a hockey game was going on. They are just there for the party. If this does happen you will see a report from me after the game. There is no way that I a going to miss this.

Carlton Fisk Night

Last night I was supposed to head to Indy, but I had to postpone the trip just long enough to get to Comiskey for Carlton Fisk Night. The White Sox put on quite a show for the former catcher. Bo Jackson, Ron Kittle, Ozzie Guillen, Harold Baines, Joey Cora, and Roland Hemond all were on hand to honor Carlton. Fisk, Jackson and Kittle all came in from center on bikes with a fireworks show in the background. It was a great night that I was glad to attend. Here are some images from last night as time permits I will post more:

White Sox Win Eighth Game In A Row

On Carlton Fisk Night Carlos Quentin drove in two runs to give the White Sox the 3-1 win. Of course I was going to the game because of the occasion, but I really wanted to see the Sox pull out the win. I am now 2-0 this season at the stadium. That is a lot better than my TV record. I cannot seem to tune in to the wins except for this win streak. I was able to see my favorite pitcher Mark Buehrle on the mound. That was good because I was leaving from the stadium after the game to get down to Indy for the weekend. Mark came through and got me out of the park in good time. The close game even allowed me to see big Bobby Jenks pitch. He closed out the game to get his 99th career save. I had a great time, thanks to George Bush’s check. I may have to use that check to get to a couple more games.

Jon Lester Throws a No-Hitter

Tonight Jon Lester threw a no-hitter for the Boston Red Sox. I was purposely staying away from ESPN because of the Cub game, but saw the Red Sox – Royals game on so I stayed. I was able to watch the last two innings. After his ordeal with cancer this is a great story of perseverance. I was happy to see it. It was the 18th no no in BoSox history, and probably one of the best feel good stories in baseball in a while. We need some more of these instead of the negative things that we keep hearing everyday. The Fenway crowd was electric as they should have been. I saw a great graphic on ESPN after the game. Four of the last six no-hitters in the AL were thrown by Red Sox pitchers. One of the other two was of course Mark Buehrle. I will get to see him pitch on Thursday night. Maybe he can work his magic all over again.

Return of the Commander!

I was shocked this morning when I was working out and saw something about Carlton Fisk on the bottom crawl of Comcast Sports Net. I was so far away that I could only make out “Welcome Back Night.” I had to work so I just got home to see what I had missed. It turns out that Carlton Fisk will join the ranks of Minnie Minoso (my father’s favorite player), and local boy Ron Kittle as a White Sox ambassador. I have met Minoso a couple of times while he was in this roll, and I hope that others will get a chance to meet Carlton because of it. Carlton will be honored during the May 22nd game against the Indians with a “Welcome Back Carlton Fisk” night at U.S. Cellular field. I am already scrambling for tickets to the game. I will be there for a couple of reasons. One is that I really have been wanting to see another game, and the other is the obvious one that my favorite player will be there. Thanks to George Bush and the stimulus check that I received yesterday I will be at the game no matter what. Nothing like supporting your economy starting with your favorite baseball team. I think it is almost time for another countdown.

Ozzie Meltdown

I finally found the video of Ozzie’s meltdown earlier in the week. I have included it below. He really laces into the fans in Chicago. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I can find one of him clowning on Matt Guerier who spent an inning trying to tag anyone in sight. Ozzie just ran around the dugout tagging players and laughing. I am sure the Buehrle video will show up as well. For now enjoy Ozzie Guillen at his best.

Baseball Legends: Bo Jackson

We are trying a couple of new things at the Baseball Legends site. One of them is to profile players that were great in their time, but not a candidate for the Hall of Fame. When I heard of that criteria one name immediately came to mind: Vincent Edward ‘Bo Jackson.’ Bo burst onto the scene and never looked back. He was one of my (and countless other kids) favorite players as a child. I was thrilled when he became a member of the White Sox in 1991 even though he was hurt. He was a Heisman Trophy winner as well as the only person to be selected to the Major League and NFL All Star teams. He did not get to play in the Pro Bowl though because of injury. Bo was a great player that played the game right. He also played it at a level that not many other people could.
One of my greatest memories of a Sox player is Bo hitting a home run in his first at bat back after his hip replacement. He came up to the plate and sent the first pitch of Neal Heaton into the stands. He promised his mother who he was very close to that he would make it back. She died before he saw action, and he dedicated that home run to her. I still remember where I was when I heard the call on the radio. He was a man who could do anything. His “Bo Knows” ads were the talk of the country. He was also a legend in Tecmo Bowl. How many young kids wanted to play as the Raiders so that they could run with Bo Jackson. One popular YouTube video shows one man running out an entire quarter with Bo. You just could not bring him down. He was a great athlete, and I think worthy of the first forgotten legend spot on the site.

Gavin Floyd Flirts With Greatness

I knew that I would see history tonight on election night in my state, but I did not know that I would potentially see some White Sox history. The Sox finally made another teams offense look bad. Although they still managed to score a run without the benefit of a hit. Gavin Floyd took a no-hitter into the ninth inning. He struck out Brendan Harris to start the inning. The no-hitter was then broken up with one out in the ninth by Joe Mauer. Mauer hit a slicing line drive that Nick Swisher came up just short on. Floyd was immediately pulled from the game, but his effort was applauded by the Sox faithful. I can see why, the team has not given us too much to be excited about lately. Bobby Jenks got the final two outs to end the game.
I was really nervous in the bottom of the eighth inning when the Sox decided to get the bats going a bit. They kept showing Floyd in the dugout, and he kept looking more and more nervous. I really just wanted the inning to end so that Floyd could take the mound again.
Gavin really seems to be coming around. He just needs to let the bad things go, and face the next batter. He will have many gems ahead of him I would guess.
On a side note the Sox won 7-1 to end this long losing streak. My team had not won in over a week. Hopefully we can bounce back from this stretch, and maybe a game like tonight’s will help jump start the team. When you have trouble scoring a single run the pitcher throwing a near no-hitter can only help. The way things had been going if you had told me a no-hitter was in progress I would have guessed that it was the Sox getting no hit.